• Westfield Miranda

    Westfield Miranda is located within the Sutherland Shire on the Kingsway adjacent the Cronulla rail corridor. In 2008 the shopping centre sought planning approval for a significant expansion, introducing several noise sources that required acoustic treatment.

    These noise sources included:

    • Truck movements and unloading
    • Vehicles using the new multi-level car parks
    • General patron noise associated with the proposed new loggia outdoor eating areas
    • Major new roof mounted air conditioning and refrigeration plant comprising cooling towers and air cooled chiller sets serving Myer, the proposed supermarket and the cinema complex.

    Acoustic treatment was determined to ensure noise levels associated with the activities achieved the stringent objective noise criteria of the NSW Industrial Noise Policy and the Sutherland Shire Development Control Plan.

    Sonus has also assisted Westfield with similar major expansion assessments at the Tea Tree Plaza, Marion and West Lakes shopping centres.

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  • Salisbury High School Performing Arts Centre

    Salisbury High School completed a $4.5M performing arts centre in 2008 delivering dance and music studios, practice rooms and a 150 seat performance space.

    Located between a residential interface and a freight and passenger rail corridor, the project required design of the facade to reduce rail noise into the performance spaces and to ensure performances did not adversely impact on the amenity of the surrounding residential area.

    The theatre incorporates perforated plywood acoustic treatment to the rear and side walls, as well as an acoustic ceiling for reverberation and reflection control. The walls between spaces were designed to provide a high degree of acoustic separation, and rain noise intrusion to the theatre was addressed with a significantly upgraded roof structure.

    The end result is a contemporary multi-purpose performance space with associated practice and learning areas which include high levels of acoustic separation, reverberation and reflection control, environmental noise control and external noise intrusion control.

    Photo courtesy of Greenway Architects, photographer - Don Brice

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  • Rail Revitalisation

    As part of the 2008/2009 State Budget, the South Australian State Government revitalised the rail network with a $2 billion investment including concrete re-sleepering of the metropolitan passenger rail network.

    The Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure (DTEI) engaged Sonus to assist in effectively managing the noise and vibration impacts of the rail revitalisation infrastructure project. A Noise and Vibration Management Framework was prepared to manage the potential impacts of the rail revitalisation activities including:

    • predicted noise and vibration levels
    • a community consultation process
    • a complaints resolution process
    • a compliance monitoring process
    • noise and vibration mitigation measures for the project

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  • The South Australian Brewing Company
    (SA Brewing)

    The South Australian Brewing Company site in Thebarton, South Australia, incorporates brewing, bottling, canning, warehouse and distribution facilities in one location. As a result, the site requires employees to work within a range of different acoustic environments.

    SA Brewing engaged Sonus to measure and assess the occupational noise exposure of employees across a number of areas of the site. These assessments have provided SA Brewing with information regarding:

    • noise levels that employees are currently exposed to
    • comparison and compliance of the measured noise levels with relevant South Australian Occupational Health, Safety, and Welfare Regulations
    • where necessary, acoustic measures that may be taken to minimise employee noise exposure to appropriate levels.

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