• Ian George Court, Brompton

    Ian George Court was built by Anglicare to provide high quality services to 40 socially and financially disadvantaged residents who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The facility provides a safe, flexible and caring environment which allows residents to maintain their chosen lifestyles and activities.

    The site is located adjacent to a rail line and a hotel providing significant challenges for the acoustic design. Sonus made a range of assessments for the facility including:

    • acoustic separation and BCA compliance
    • mechanical service noise
    • rail noise
    • music noise

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  • O-I Adelaide

    O-I (formerly ACI Glass) operates one of the largest wine bottle manufacturing facilities in the world at the boundary of a residential area. Sonus has assisted O-I with assessments of environmental noise received within the residential area, providing assistance with monitoring, recommendations for noise reduction measures and community consultation. Sonus has also conducted occupational noise surveys for O-I Adelaide employee noise exposure.

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  • Mawson Connector

    The Mawson Connector has been designed to provide an east-west arterial road link between Main North Road, Salisbury Highway and Port Wakefield Road in the north of Adelaide. The project involved the construction of a new road through greenfield sites and adjacent to a large number of existing and proposed residences.

    Sonus conducted a comprehensive road traffic noise assessment for DTEI  during the design phase . This assessment considered the noise from various stages of the roadway to residences in the vicinity, providing recommendations for acoustic treatment to the road in order to achieve the recommendations of the relevant guidelines.

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  • Mawson Lakes Development

    Mawson Lakes is located 12km north of Adelaide. Delfin Lend Lease developed the site to include high and medium density housing, a town centre, commercial, industrial, educational and research facilities.

    As well as the acoustic interaction between land uses, transport noise was a particular challenge with major roads, a rail shunting yard and the Parafield Airport all contributing to the acoustic environment.

    Sonus engineers have assisted Delfin Lend Lease throughout the development with spatial planning and recommendations for treatment measures to achieve high levels of residential amenity.

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