• Expert Evidence for Court, Council and other Planning Authorities

    Sonus has provided expert acoustic and vibration evidence to a number of bodies for a range of projects and developments around Australia.

    Sonus engineers have provided evidence to the:

    • South Australian Environment, Resources and Development Court
    • South Australian Liquor and Gaming Commission
    • Victorian Development Panels
    • New South Wales Land and Environment Court

    For a range of projects including:

    • Wind farms
    • Power stations
    • Entertainment venues
    • Frost control fans
    • Industries
    • Commercial facilities
    • Residential developments adjoining noise sources

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  • IKEA Adelaide

    The IKEA Adelaide development incorporated showrooms, restaurants, offices and warehousing requiring a wide range of acoustic issues to be assessed.

    Sonus assisted the project team throughout the design, development, documentation and construction phases of the building by providing recommendations for:

    • rain and aircraft noise ingress
    • reverberation and reflection control within the large public areas
    • acoustic separation
    • noise from air-conditioning and other mechanical services
    • environmental noise from the development to residences

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  • Majestic Roof Garden Hotel, Adelaide

    Due to its location immediately adjacent to both residential apartments and the commercial and entertainment district of Rundle Street in the centre of Adelaide, the development of the Majestic Roof Garden Hotel required careful consideration of a number of acoustic issues to ensure an acceptable level of acoustic amenity within the hotel, and ensure that noise from the hotel did not impact on surrounding land uses.

    Throughout the design, development, and construction phases of the hotel, Sonus assessed and provided recommendations for acoustic treatment of:

    • acoustic separation
    • walls between rooms in accordance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA)
    • noise from air-conditioning and other mechanical services
    • noise levels within rooms of the hotel from traffic on
      surrounding roads
    • music noise within the hotel from a live music venue located immediately adjacent to the site

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  • Community Consultation

    A critical component of communicating with the public on environmental noise is to ensure that the complex technical assessment is presented in a way that can be understood. The message needs to be delivered by people with noise expertise, who are comfortable and experienced in providing technical information to such a forum.

    Jason Turner and Chris Turnbull provide the following experience:

    • Adelaide Hills Freight Line (“Wheel Squeal”) Community Meetings;
    • City West Connector stakeholder consultations
    • Environment Protection (Noise) Policy 2007 community consultation process
    • EPA Guidelines for wind farms and bird scaring devices – community consultation
    • Mortlake and Shaw River Power Station Community Consultation sessions (Regional Victoria)
    • The Myponga Wind Farm – various public and community meetings and forums.

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  • Ngaanyatjarra Media Centre

    The Ngaanyatjarra Media Centre is located 700km from Alice Springs at Wingellina (Irrunytju). It serves the regional Aboriginal community by providing a radio station, internet access, music recording and the archiving of stories.

    Sonus provided advice to the project team to deliver cost effective solutions to the studio acoustic design, noise exclusion, mechanical services noise and acoustic separation within a space requiring high acoustic standards in a harsh environment.

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