• Wind Farms

    Since 2002, Sonus has built up an enviable reputation in the assessment of environmental noise from wind farms. Sonus knows that a critical aspect of the assessment is to understand the technical requirements of the various authorities and apply these to background noise measurements, noise predictions, post construction monitoring and sound power level testing.

    Sonus has significant experience in the assessment of Wind Farms, including:

    • Starfish Hill
    • Kemmiss Hill
    • Troubridge Point
    • Waitpinga
    • Snowtown II
    • Barunga
    • Clements Gap
    • Nalpa
    • Canunda
    • Carmody's Hill
    • Wattle Point
    • Barn Hill
    • Vincent North
    • Taralga (NSW)
    • Brown Hill Range
    • Badgingarra (WA)
    • Willogoleche
    • Nilgen (WA)
    • The Bluff Range
    • Yaloak Estate (Vic)
    • North Brown Hill
    • Naroghid (Vic)
    • Mt Bryan
    • Ararat (Vic)
    • Hallett Hill
    • Woolsthorpe (Vic)

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  • RiAus

    Officially launched by HRH the Duke of Kent, the Royal Institution of Australia (RiAus) is the first international "satellite" of the world-renowned Royal Institution of Great Britain (RiGB), the flagship of science communication in the UK for over 200 years.

    Housed in the iconic heritage-listed former Adelaide Stock Exchange building, the RiAus is a dynamic, contemporary and accessible national home for science.

    Extensive refurbishment of the former Adelaide Stock Exchange Building has transformed the RiAus building into a state-of-the-art 200-seat auditorium and bar, flexible event and exhibition spaces, a members' resource centre, media centre and dynamic office space.

    Reverberation and reflection control were critical design elements in the refurbishment. The inclusion of commercial scale contemporary air conditioning and ventilation systems in limited space presented significant acoustic design issues to provide satisfactory noise and vibration levels.

    The success of the project required high levels of collaboration between architect, builder, mechanical services consultant, installer and acoustic engineer.

    Photo courtesy of DTEI, photographer - Sarah Long

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  • Policy Development

    Sonus engineers have extensive experience in the development of policies related to environmental noise including wind farms, road traffic and environmental protection.

    SA Environmental Noise Guidelines for Wind Farms

    Jason Turner was responsible for the original drafting of the Guidelines for the EPA, prior to joining Sonus. The Guidelines have been widely adopted by other state and local jurisdictions throughout Australia since their introduction, and have been used as the basis for the draft Australian Standard for wind farm assessment.

    Australian Standard Draft DR 07153

    Jason Turner represented the National Environment Protection Council on the Australian Standards Technical Committee EV-016, which is responsible for developing the Australian Standard relating to wind farm noise assessment and measurement.

    Engine Brake Study for National Transport Commission

    Sonus was engaged to conduct a study into engine brake noise from in-service heavy vehicles. The study established a world first regulatory roadside test whereby an in-service heavy vehicle with excessive and annoying engine brake noise could be identified via the measurement and analysis of pass-by noise levels. The method has been adopted following rigorous review and independent testing through the National Transport Commission's Regulatory Impact Statement process.

    SA Road Traffic Noise Guidelines

    Sonus was commissioned by the South Australian Department for Transport Energy and Infrastructure to rewrite the Road Traffic Noise Guidelines. These Guidelines provide a methodology for determining appropriate environmental noise criteria for new and upgraded roads.

    SA Environment Protection (Noise) Policy 2007

    Sonus was engaged by the South Australian EPA to complete the drafting of the Environment Protection (Noise) Policy and prepare guidelines to enable EPA officers to use the Policy effectively. The criteria within the Policy were based on the Guidelines for Community Noise produced by the World Health Organisation, and provides the first direct link between development and environmental legislation in South Australia. Sonus also provided training to EPA officers on the interpretation of the technical aspects of the project.

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  • The Precinct

    Positioned on the site of the previous Balfours factory within the Adelaide CBD, The Precinct is a significant residential development incorporating high density apartment living within a number of multi-story buildings.

    As part of the project team, Sonus has provided on-going design and construction advice for a range of acoustic issues associated with the development, including acoustic separation between apartments, control of noise from air-conditioning and ventilation systems and control of noise into the apartments from external noise sources including traffic on surrounding roads and nearby entertainment venues.

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  • Hillgrove Resources Kanmantoo

    The Hillgrove Resources Kanmantoo Copper Project re-opens and expands the Kanmantoo Copper Mine located approximately 1.5km south west of the Kanmantoo township, 44 km east of Adelaide in South Australia. As part of the Mining Lease Proposal, Sonus was engaged to prepare an environmental noise assessment for the development.

    The assessment considered noise levels from the operation of the mine,  noise and vibration from blasting activities, noise from truck movements to and from the mine site and the noise from the construction activities required prior to commencement of the mine operation.

    The assessment determined likely noise levels from the mine during construction and operation of the project and assisted in determining the feasibility of applying acoustic treatment to the mine to achieve relevant environmental noise criteria.

    In addition to these assessments, Sonus assisted the project team with discussions with the EPA and PIRSA and involvement in community consultation.

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